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The Effect of Climate Change

Anthropogenic is a climatic change that is human-made, and that is a proven fact as per the scientists. The result of the change in climate will be felt globally by future generations. In the atmosphere, there will be a build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. At the same time, there will be an increase in the heat, which is always wrapped around the surface, and this will be seen as infrared radiation. This will result to rise of temperatures with a certain degree. The increase of global temperature has resulted in an obvious impact, which is the melting of the ice caps. This always happens at the glaciers as well as pole all over the globe. The increase in the melting of ice has led to the rise of sea levels.

Compared to the last few years, the sea levels have risen with 9 inches, and this change has been seen growing rapidly. Almost half of the people live in cities located at the coasts, and this means that they are at risk due to the flooding of oceans. The heat waves during summer have extended and become intense, and this is something that will continue as long as there is the acceleration of impacts of climate change. Individuals who are vulnerable in society are at substantial risk as a result. The warming up of air temperatures in the oceans will result in intense hurricanes as per the prediction from the experts. The main source of energy for hurricanes, in other words, known as tropical cyclones, is the warm sea on the surface. If the temperature on the water surface rises up, there will be more existence of energy.

Apart from changes in temperature, it is necessary for people to understand that the impact will be felt on the precipitation patterns as well as the pressure on the surface. We have various regions that will be wetter, while others will be dry. As a result, more droughts will occur, and the desert regions will expand, leading to less area of the earth being inhabited. We will have some of the areas that will have rains, and this will automatically affect the production of crops.

The warm temperatures and the rise of sea levels is what dominates the story behind the change of climate. It should, however, be noted by the people that one cannot easily predict the short-term effects of climate change. The likelihood is that there will be strength in storms experienced during winter, which will have snowstorms that will be more intense. Cold air may also break in those areas which are not used to extreme weather conditions. You need to conquer with me that, at times, one cannot predict the change in the weather. However, it is necessary that you are ready for the impact of changes in the weather so that it may not find you by surprise. With proper preparation, you can survive without any issues even after the changes in weather have hit the country.

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